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"What is happening to our universities and colleges? Are they so afraid of losing students that they are lowering their standards? The answer is a resounding YES. Our system of higher education is a mess, and the blame must be shared by administrators, teachers and students. "

Old Prof

"I have been a college professor for 30 years and have witnessed the relentless deterioration of 'the system.' Administrators used to be educators and scholars. Today, they are, ... bureaucrats and business executives .... Teachers no longer want to teach. Students paying megabucks for education are frequently taught by graduate students. This, of course, suits administrators fine since graduate students cost less than faculty. "


"The relentless deterioration of the university system has been caused by the so-called student evaluation of teaching ..."

"Higher education is experiencing the simultaneous phenomena of widespread use of student evaluation of teaching (SET), grade inflation, student moral decline (resulting in widespread cheating and plagiarism), and steadily lower student motivation. "

"...learning is not a valued outcome; only documentation of completion is valued."

Old Prof

"The product is no longer an educated person but a 'degreed' person. Too many college degrees are fraudulent documents..."

"...colleges and universities are granting degrees to people who lack knowledge and skills taken for granted in a high school graduate not long ago. "

"A persuasive case can be made that the increased use of SET has caused higher education to become dysfunctional, resulting in a steep, slippery slide in the output quality "

SET is " only popularity contests that have little to do with learning. "

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