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"Informal student evaluations of faculty were started in the 1960's by enterprising college students. Since then, their use has spread so that now they are administered in almost all American colleges and universities and are probably the main source of information used for evaluating faculty teaching performance."

"As more and more research questions the validity of summative SET as an indicator of instructor effectiveness, ironically there has been a greater use of SET"

"in 600 colleges between 1973 and 1993, found that the use of [SET] increased from 29% to 86% during that period."

"In 1984, two-thirds of liberal arts colleges were using SET for personnel decisions, and 86% in 1993. Most business schools now use SET for decision making, and 95% of the deans at 220 accredited undergraduate schools "always use them as a source of information," but only 67% of the department heads relied upon"

"As the student population becomes more dishonest and less motivated  we give their evaluations more and more credibility.


"Given that the likelihood of deriving meaningful and valid inferences from raw SET data is nil, the question remains: Why is the conventional SET process (with its conceptual and statistical shortcomings) employed even to this day, and by those for who highly revere the power of critical thinking?


"...fatally flawed, raw SET data can be used as a tautological device; that is, to justify most any personnel decision."

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