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It was mentioned above that quite naturally students want less coursework, easy testing, and higher grades.

"The widespread use of the student evaluation of teaching (SET) " makes "faculty to teach with their own student evaluations in mind".


"You do not call someone stupid by giving low grades ... and expect to receive favorable feedback from these same students".

"By inflating grades and deflating course work an instructor is more likely to receive positive evaluations."

"Professors seeking a perfect rating can be advised to teach nothing and give at least 66 percent of the class A's."

The result is then "grade inflation and course work devaluation."

SET  "encourage professors to dumb down courses in an effort to keep students happy at all costs. In one survey, 38% of professors admitted to making their courses easier in response to SET."

In another survey "one-third of the respondents .... indicated that they have substantially decreased their grading standards and level of course difficulty"

"Mark Edmundson, a six-figure full professor at the University of Virginia, complied with student demands for 'comfortable, less challenging' classes--as he admitted doing."

"Pander pollution may be defined as purposeful intervention by an instructor inside and outside the classroom with the intention of increasing SET scores which is counterproductive to the learning process. Widespread use of SET has bred a vast army of pandering professors engaged in pander pollution semester after semester. This pander pollution increases each year because instructors try to enhance their SET scores."

"There are numerous ways that instructors maximize their SET scores:" Here is a selection. (For full list click on the red spot.)
"1. Inflate grades. 2. Cover less material. 3. Easy examinations
4. Give parties 5. Give financial rewards.
7. Give answers to exam questions beforehand.
9. Hand out sample exams. 10. Grade on a curve.
15. Give same exams each semester.
16. Avoid trying to teach students to think
18. Avoid cumulative final exam. "

"One instructor consistently scored 5 out of 5 on his SET scores in prior years" it  was " found that the instructor (a partner in a big-six CPA firm) was taking all of his students to a local bar after every class and feeding them dinner and drinks. This instructor was merely using the classroom to recruit students (not to educate). "

" One rigorous instructor in a basic business class gave D's and F's and received SET scores in the one range (on a 5-point scale). She was removed from that class and placed in a nonrequired, graduate course, where she proceeded to give a 50-50 split of As and Bs each semester. She has received SET marks as high as 4.9 since making this adjustment. ...."

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