"A ... reason why SET are widely used may be the belief that the university is a business and that the responsibility of any business is to satisfy the customer. "


"There is a myth in higher education that students are 'customers' "


"The advocates of the SET process would argue: The university is a business, and the student its customer. And since the customer is always right, customer opinion must drive the business plan. Mainstream economists would argue that this is a false analogy. Their reason is that these same advocates are assuming that the provision of tertiary education is a 'private good.' This (economists would argue) is not so: It is a 'public good.' As such, students are not solely qualified to evaluate course content, and the pedagogical style of a faculty member."


"Treating students as customers means shaping services to their taste.  It also implies that students are entitled to use or waste the services as they see fit.  "

"...because the students were “buying” the course, they had the right and the responsibility to state what they wanted from the course and how they thought they should get it.  ...the primary role of the instructor is to ensure that the self-proclaimed needs or expectations of each of his or her “customers” are met."

Old Prof

"Students believe that paying tuition entitles them to a degree. "

" if they pay their tuition, then passing the course is a guarantee and they expect to receive an A or B"

"The 'customer is always right' mindset may potentially lead faculty to pander to students' desires, to the disappearance of rigorous and challenging instruction;"

"The worst thing about the consumer model is that it makes both genuine teaching and genuine learning impossible."

"...idea that learning is something that 'happens' to them in return for paying tuition….., have a mindset that literally makes learning impossible. "

"Students are not our customers--they are our products. We need to improve students' value by educating them. Society and employers are our customers. "

"...students begin as natural inputs and work their way through a program of study from which they emerge as more knowledgeable and capable individuals.  "

"...if college or university adopts the product approach, it must ensure the quality of their product ..."


" Employers, parents and society are the customers of higher education--not students."

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