Education Decline





"...colleges and universities in the United States demand their faculty members to treat the students as customers..."

"As the result, the demands for increasing student enrollments, the pressure to satisfy the studentsí desires for higher grades..."


"Three years ago, I was called into the dean's office to discuss my performance. Among other things, I was told (and I quote), 'I don't care what you have to do. More students must succeed in your classes.' "


"Now the administrator has a weapon to force the faculty members to give easy grades. "


"There is a universal assumption among administrators that an increase in SET scores is good and a decrease is bad. This myth is a naive and dangerous assumption. "

"There is another universal assumption that students must like an instructor to learn. Not true. Even if they dislike you and you force them to learn by hard work and low grades, you may be a good educator (but not according to SET scores). SET measure whether or not students like you, and not necessarily whether you are teaching them anything. "


"Merely by allowing the forms, the teacher loses half or more of the authority to teach."

"...lecture content had a sizable influence on student achievement but only a negligible impact on student ratings. .... student instructional ratings should not be used in decision making about faculty promotion and tenure..."


"SET data are not methodologically sound, and ... they ought not be treated as admissible evidence in any legal or quasi-legal hearing related to the "summative" function.  "


" A major conceptual problem with the SET process is that opinion is misrepresented as fact or knowledge, not to mention the unintended harm that this causes to all parties. This misrepresentation .....raises problems in statistical analysis of the SET data in that any operational measure of  'teaching effectiveness'  will not be, by definition, a unique and immutable metric."

"Administrators must help students understand that only by doing rigorous assignments can students be well prepared to face the challenge later.  Likewise administrators must entrust and support professorsí ability to define learning objectives and develop the coursework "

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