"Students Rating Teachers Is Idiocy" 
 by  Daniel J. Daly  
(Omaha World - Herald   3/26/00 )


Daniel Daly is the retired chairman of the English Department at Omaha Central High School.

Here are few excerpts from his article:


"Having all but the best of today's college students evaluate their instructors, especially after years of hearing how special they are and of having their self-esteem nurtured, is the height of idiocy. Allowing those who should be subject to rigorous instruction and to the low marks that should accompany unsuccessful performance evaluate their teachers is like relying upon only the criminal lawyers to evaluate the county prosecutor."


"During the past two decades, however, more and more parents have sided with their children against the academic and disciplinary authority of their teachers, thereby undermining the essence of academic life, which is its magisterium, its heart, its pedagogical authority."


"Grading practices that are reluctant to identify a student's failure or his refusal to master essential skills and subject matter infest the schools."


"Parents retain this curious authority during the middle school years. Some students actually move from the middle school to the high school without enough credits to be ninth-graders."


"Donít blame those middle school teachers whose administration has already cut the academic rigor out of their curricula and told them, in effect, that they cannot fail anyone. .

(From "Students Rating Teachers Is Idiocy"   by  Daniel J. Daly )


...the education profession has been indoctrinating teachers of academic subjects with permissive and gutless programs and movements such as "Schools Without Failure," " Project Empathy," "cooperative learning" and "outcome-based instruction" for more than three decades."


"What else can you expect from students who enter the university after 12 years of this excuse for an academic regime? We have no one to blame but ourselves and the system that we have allowed to trickle up...


Our system has infected theses students with the idea that they have the expertise, the authority and the power of judicious scrutiny to appraise their instructors."

(From "Students Rating Teachers Is Idiocy"   by  Daniel J. Daly )








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