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Why We Should Abolish Teaching Evaluation

William C. Dowling




The worst thing about the consumer model is that it makes both genuine teaching and genuine learning impossible.

(From "Why We Should Abolish Teaching Evaluation" by William C. Dowling)

Students who come to class with the
idea that learning is something that "happens" to them in return for paying tuition….., have a mindset that literally makes learning impossible.

(From "Why We Should Abolish Teaching Evaluation" by William C. Dowling)


If the consumer model really is coming to dominate American higher education -- and it is, increasingly so -- then everything done to strengthen the idea of education as a product or a service is destructive to real teaching and learning. That's the problem with teaching evaluations as "customer satisfaction surveys."


William C. Dowling, Professor of English, teaches regularly in the Rutgers General Honors Program.
Reprinted from The Daily Targum, Dec 3, 2000.






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