1) Gonzalo Arenas 
Mexican Peso Crisis: Irregularities of Deregulation

2) Kristen Leoce
The Mexican Peso Crisis: Could it have been stopped before it began?

3) Heidi Mak
The economic collapse of Argentina

4) Ricardo Cardona 
Monetary Policy Constraints in an Small Open and Dollarized Economy

5) Kevin LaRoche
Investment Banks and Commercial Banks Are Analogous to Oil and Water: They Just Do Not Mix

6) Julia Michalska
Was the Fed-Organized Bailout of LTCM Favorable?

7) Tushar Satish  Modi
Bank Regulation

8) Ryan J. Morick
The Bank of the United States

9) MaryBeth Saucier
Why invest in bonds when there are so many other options?

10) John Ruda
Are Bull Markets Supported By Rational Growth in Stock Valuations?

11) Grigoriy Zavorotniy
Ways of computing the value of the projects

12) O.Rose-Del Adewebi
No Longer an Exclusive Rich-Boy Game?

13) Derek Guillemette
Twisted Logic: Monetary Policy During The Great Depression

14) Erin Hubbard
Hyperinflation in Germany during the Early 1920's 

15) Kristin Bloomer
ECB vs. Banque de France

16) Svetlana Fedyunin
The Promising Currency

17) Randi Stern

18) Alexandra Aranda
Integration in the EU and Monetary Policy

 19) Yubo Jiang
The World Bank and The IMF: Twins or Rivals?

20) Sarah Carroll
Causes of the Great Depression

21) Alexander Itskovich
Banking in Transition Economies

22) Sze Peng Wang
International Reserve System: Is it Feasible?

23) Sachin Shah
Opposing Views of the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy

24) Donald Gerolamo
Inflation and Its Effects on Investment

25) Susan M. Sullivan
Electronic Money and Its Impact on Central Banking and Monetary Policy

26) James Nash
Is Greed All That Bad???

27) Erica Hoff
Hedge Funds Policy: Is There A Better Possibility?

28) Eric Brennan
Portfolio Theory and Banks

 29) Woo  Young  Kang
Korean Economic Crisis

30) James Ng
Foreign Borrowing in 16th Century Spain

31) Soam Prakash Lall
Funds: Hedge and Mutual - Who and What They Are

32) Daniel Bacarella
Why Invest in Bonds?




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