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Nicola Favia
Laurea in Economics Universitá di Roma 1982
M.A. (Quantitative Economics) Boston College 1985
  Boston University M.A.P.E.1991,
  Ph.D. 1994


Director for Economic

and International Affairs 

Office of the Prime Minister 

Rome (Italy) 







Director  for Economic and International Affairs

Office of the Prime Minister,
2008 - present

  • Provide intellectual and managerial leadership coordinating inter-ministerial teams guiding national economic and financial political economy. Develop and disseminate knowledge and best practice on emerging economic and financial challenges. Manage learning programs in support of business needs. Provide the result-based framework for the efficient and time-bound implementation of executive decisions.
  • Coordinate the “cabina di regia” (“coordinating room”) on international economic and financial affairs.
  • Lead and negotiate governmental policies and strategies on international and financial matters related to 2001 Italian Presidency of the G-8, Italian commitments to the EU, and the policy debate on the reform of the IFIs, the WTO and the UN
  • Coordinate, negotiate, lead and co-author policy documents, strategies and analytical papers including: “The G8 Commitment to LDCs: Beyond Debt Relief,” “Debt Cancellation and Human Capital Formation,” “Enabling LDCs to Take Advantage of Globalization,” “Digital Opportunity Task Force Report,” “The Reform of the Multilateral Development Banks,” and “Proposals for a new Round of WTO Negotiations



Senior Policy Coordinator/Country Program Director


International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)


2002 - 2008

  • Led and coordinated agricultural and rural development trade and poverty reduction analyses establishing corporate expertise, regional strategies and country programs. Focal point for policy dialogue in post-conflict contexts, trade, MDG-based PRSPs, alignment and harmonization.
  • Directed IFAD programmes in Afghanistan, DPR Korea and Iran for some USD 60 millions. Developed result based country programs, and planned, managed and monitored all phases of the project cycle of programmes directed to promote economic development, reduce poverty and eradicate hunger in several Asian and Pacific countries.
  • Coordinated, led and authored/co-authored policy documents and strategy papers including: “Afghanistan: Country Opportunity Strategy Paper 2008-12,”  “Afghanistan: Rural Finance Innovation Program,” “D.P.R. Korea: Self-Assessment of Upland Food Security Program,” “Opening up to Conflict,” “Donors’ Alignment in the Rural Sector,” “MDG-based Poverty Reduction Strategies,” “The Rural Dimension of Achieving the MDGs,” “Access to Land in Asia: A Survey of Policies and Issues,” “Trade and Rural Development,” and “Financing for Development: the Rural Dimension”.


Prime Minister’s Office,
Department of Economic Affairs
2000 - 2002

Advised on governmental policies and strategies on international and financial matters. Participated in national delegations at inter-governmental meetings of the G-8, the EU, the OECD, the IFIs, the WTO and the UN. Authored and co-authored policy documents, reports, conceptual papers including: “Debt Cancellation and Human Capital Formation”, “LDCs Beyond Debt Relief,” “Enabling LDCs to Take Advantage of Globalization: Promoting Integration, Investment, and Knowledge Diffusion,” “Digital Opportunity Task Force Report,” “Italian Position on the Reform of the Multilateral Development Banks,” and “Proposals for a new Round of WTO Negotiations.”


Economic Advisor

Ministry of Economics


Developed strategies and coordinated policies addressing structural issues of public and international finance concerning the Italian commitment to the European Stability Pact. Represented the Ministry of the Treasury at inter-ministerial coordination meetings and at inter-governmental conferences of the Economic Policy Committees of the EU and the OECD on issues related to fiscal reforms, fiscal federalism, decentralization, regional and private sector development. Authored and co-authored policy documents, including: "Italy's National Economic and Financial Program 2000-03," "Italy's Stability Program (1998 and 1999 issues)," and "Italy's Report on Economic Reform (1998 and 1999 issues).


International Monetary Fund
Washington DC, USA.

Conducted country analysis, data management and macroeconomic surveillance for several Latin American, Caribbean and African countries. Designed and quantified policies and strategies with a view to promote fiscal discipline, deepen financial sector development, strengthen the balance of payments, secure exchange rate stability and achieve debt sustainability. Authored and co-authored country reports and analytical papers.


Inter-American Development Bank;      
Washington DC, USA.

Analyzed economic, social and sector issues for several Latin American and Caribbean countries. Authored reports and evaluated projects and programs contributing to financial, industrial, infrastructure and energy sector development. Supervised private sector lending projects in the electric-power sector. Authored reports formulating innovative approaches for regulatory reforms,  and for private and financial sector development.



Main Publications:


"Poverty Reduction Strategies to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals: Policy Dialogue and Country Program Development in Asia and the Pacific," International Fund for Agriculture Development, forthcoming.


"Trade, Trade Liberalization and Small-Scale Farmers in Developing Countries: Beyond the Doha Round," with G. Howe and others, in T. Huvio and others eds.,


"Small-Scale Farmers in Liberalized Trade Environment," University of Helsinki Press, Helsinki 2005.


"Debt Cancellation and Human Capital Formation: A Macroeconomic Forecasting Model," with P. Asdrubali, in U. Triulzi ed., "HIPCs: Which Polices Beyond Relief?" IPALMO, Rome, forthcoming (in Italian).


"Financing for Development–The Rural Dimension," International Fund for Agriculture Development, Monterrey, March 2002.


"Multilateral Trade Agreements and Economic Development: Proposals for a new Round of WTO Negotiations," (co-author) in L. Iapadre and F. Pagani ed.,


"The Frontiers of Globalization: Trade Negotiations and the Reform of the WTO", il Mulino, 2001 (in Italian).


"International Integration, Factor Mobility, and Fiscal Policy," University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1994; Boston University, Ph.D. dissertation in Economics.


"Fiscal Incidence and Factor Mobility in Several Integration Regimes," Boston University, 1991.


"International Political Economy Issues in the Automotive Industry," National Research Council, Roma, 1982.


"Encyclopedia of Banking and Stock Exchange," Editrice Giuffré, Naples, 1980, coauthor (in Italian).


Main reports:


"Beyond Debt Relief: The G-8 Commitment to Poverty Reduction and Growth in the LDCs," 2001 G8 Presidency, Rome, 2001, coauthor.


"Digital Opportunities for All: Meeting the Challenge," 2001 G8 Presidency, Rome, 2001, coauthor.


"Enabling LDCs to Take Advantage of Globalization: Promoting Integration, Investment, and Knowledge Diffusion," Office of the Prime Minister, Rome, 2001.





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