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Forrest McCluer

 Boston University  PhD

Law and Economics
Consulting Group

2001 -




Nathan Associates



I have been working in litigation consulting since graduating following in the footsteps of Ray Hartman. 
 I started at Cornerstone Research – thanks to a recommendation from Sarah Hall Lucas.  While at Nathan Associates I had the good fortune to work with Tom McGuire and Richard Frank on an interesting health care antitrust case.  I have been at working at LECG for the last four years – Manuel Abdala is in the office next door.  In between those stints I managed to do some work for the World Bank on trade issues.  The perks included white water rafting down the Zambzie River and snorkeling in Barbados.  


In anticipation of the turn of the century I invented and patented a celebration drinking glass with blinking lights.  Concidentally, I met Adam Seitchik  during his global financier phase, in Hong Kong when I visited the production plant in China.  


Over the last couple of years my interest in art has been reinvigorated
so I have learned to weld and created a few sculptures. 





In July 2005 I met up with Tom McGuire, Randy Ellis, Kathleen Carey, Swati Mukerjee, Jim Burgess and many others at the iHEA 5th World Congress in Barcelona Spain.  Oldrich Kyn’s website was the big topic of conversation around the table of 30 past and present BU faculty and students.



Martha Starr (I think she’s finally dropped the –McCluer part) and I have two wonderful girls, Mackenzie (15) and Kelly (13).  Martha left the Federal Reserve after about 10 years and is now Assistant Professor at American University and loving it.  This summer 2005 Kenzie, Kelly and I will be hiking up Mt. Washington and Mt. Khatadin.


The BU connection extends to the next generation.  Kenzie has been helping Nikil Bhattasali, Deepak’s son, with HTML and has been IMing with Evan Seitchik, Adam and Pam Wickham’s son.  Tsiti and Yvonne Tsikata and their kids live nearby and attend the same school as Kenzie and Kelly did. Tsiti and I were quite relieved when the Red Sox won the World Series - - the heart-breaking pain of 1986 has finally been erased.



















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