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Wolfgang Pedal

  M.A., Ph.D, (a.b.T) Boston University 1976

Chairman of the Board

Class & Asociados S.A.,
Clasificadora de Riesgo.


Since 1995 clients of Class & Asociados S.A.,
clude institutions in banking, financing, insurance, real estate, fishing,
industries, agro-exporting, and others.

Banco de Comercio,  Wiese Aetna Cía de Seguros S.A Banque Nationale de París Andes S.A.
Luz del Sur S.A.A. Banco Interamericano de Finanzas Nuevo Mundo SAFI S.A Mibanco
Mapfre Perú S.A Interseguros Cía de Seguros S.A. Generali Cía de Seguros S.A. Carbolán S.A
Tiendas EFE S.A. Caja Municipal de Ahorro y Credito de Cuzco .Cia Minera Atacocha S.A. Mapfre Vida
Financiera CMR S.A. Consorcio Inmobiliario Los Portales S.A. Fideicomiso Banco Serbanco Edelnor S.A.A.
AFP Profuturo Caja Municipal de Ahorro y Credito de Piura Fideicomiso Banco Republica Fima S.A
América Leasing S.A Caja Municipal de Ahorro y Credito de Trujill La Vitalicia Cía de Seguros S.A. D’Onofrio S.A.
Cia Minera Milpo S.A Perú Real Estate S.A. - Austral Group S.A. Fideicomiso Banco Banex Tecsur S.A.A
Cementos Lima S.A. Centros Comerciales del Perú S.A. - Gremco S.A., Telefónica del Perú S.A Gloria S.A.,
Banco Financiero Banco Internacional-Interbank  Financiera Daewoo S.A.  



Managing  Director of  CP Producciones S.A,
Bussines Consulting, Research & Publications.


Advisor to the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF)
( 1991 – 1992)


Director of Structural Adjustment Loans Unit
(IDB & WB) – MEF
( 1991 – 1992).


Director of Poverty Alleviation Program – MEF
( 1991 – 1992 ) .


 Consultant to IIC, IDB, CAF, ACDI, AID,
and a variety of goverment and non-government institutions,
either local and /or international.


Logistics Manager Industries Nettalco S.A. ( 1990 – 1991)


Managing Director of PEBA S.A.
(Private consulting firm) -
( 1987-1989) 


Managing Director of Consocio La Moneda S.A. (1986).


 Administration and Finance Manager

Banco Latino ( 1985-1986)


Operational General Manager

Banco de la Nación ( 1984).


Finance Manager Empresa Minera Tintaya S.A. (1981 – 1983).


    Member of the Board of Directors

    Banco Internacional del Perú ( 1982 – 1984 ).


  Administration and Finance Manager

Cía. Minera Huarón S.A. ( 1979 – 1981 ).


   Advisor to the Minister of Industries ( 1980 – 1981)


  Financial Manager

Chrysler Perú S.A. (1977 – 1979 ).


Research Assistant

Economics Department – Boston University
( 1974 – 1976 ).


 Teaching Assistant in Statistics for undergraduate students in Economics Departament  Boston University ( 1975 – 1976 ).


System Engineer

Cía. de Minas Buenaventura S.A., and Cía. Minera Raura S.A. - 
( 1970 – 1972 ).


  Assistant Manager

Sandoz Perú S.A. ( 1972 – 1973 ).


   Industrial Promotion Assistant
Marcona Mining Company ( 1969 ).





What to do to improve sovereign credit rating” – Presented at Inform@cción quarterly SNMPE (Sociedad Nacional de Minería, Petroleo y Energía) meeting ( September 2000).

“Credit Rating and Economic Development” – Presented at IPAE monthly management meeting (April 2000).

“ Peruvian Textile sector: Current status and projections”, document prepared by request of industry garment committee (October 1997).

“Investment opportunities in the Peruvian Agricultural Sector”- Edited and published by request of Fundación Perú (December 1995).

“Financial support for rural agricultural small financing companies”- Prepared by request of the Peruvian Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, under supervision of the Interamerican Development Bank ( June 1995).        

“Establishment of a private network of agricultural experimental stations in the Peruvian coast”- Feasibility study prepared for Fundación Perú ( October 1994).

Edition and publising of 77 ( seventy seven) weekly editions of the specialized agricultural – economic magazine “La revista de La Chacra”, prepared for Fundación Perú and Editora Nacional S.A., (January 1994 – December 1995).

“Sayapullo mine project expansión fron 400 to 800 TDP – US$ 8 millions”. – Feasibility study prepared for Cía. Minera Sayapullo S.A. (May. 1994).

“Financial study for the logistic funding of cotton yearly requirements ( 94/95 – US$ 6 millions) – Work done by request of Cía. Textil El Progreso S.A. ( March. 1994).

“Restructuring and refinancing of textile garment companies PERTEJER S.A. and PERCOSER S.A. Study prepared for Banco Wiese to speed-up operations under INDECOPI re-financing law (October 1993).

“Institutional promotional document regarding local and foreign investment in the Peruvian agricultural sector”- Study prepared by request of PROMPERU ( February 1994).

“Feasibility project evaluation of an ice-cream factory by Gloria S.A., (US$ 6 millions) – Study requested by the Andean Development Corporation (July 1993).

“Feasibility modernization and expansion of a wiring factory ( US$ 8 millions) – Study prepared at the request of INDECO S.A. (March. 1993).

“Ministry of Energy and Mines coordination for seminar Peruvian presentation in – Mining Investing in the Americas – 1993”  (March. 1993).

“Porvenir mine expansion (US$ 5 millions)- Feasibility study prepared by request of Cía. Minera Milpo S.A. (February 1993).

“Proyect expansion evaluation of Mine Quioma (COMSUR S.A., Bolivia for US$ 6 millions) – Study requested by the Andean Development Corporation (November 1992).

“Feasibility and financial re-structuring of the Public water company of the city of Georgetown, Guyana- (US$ 15 millions) – Work done under contract with Interamerican Development Bank (October 1992).

“Study about pipeline forthcoming private sector investment projects (15) in Perú – Study developed under contract with the Interamerican Development Corporation (August. 1990).   

“Study analysis and development of export oriented production projects (12) in aguaculture and agro-industry”- work done under contrac with COSAPI ORGANIZACIÓN EMPRESARIAL SAEMA ( September 1989).












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