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Surendra Kaushik
MA  Ph.D,  Boston University;


Professor of Finance,
Lubin School of Business
Pace University, NY, USA


Applied Research Board
of Directors
and Board of Advisors


 Surendra is also Founder of Mrs. Helena Kaushik Women’s College, Malsisar, Rajasthan, India

Excerpts from the Message
by Dr.Surendra Kaushik

A key factor in achieving [Indian] independence and building a base for success has been the role of higher education. Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and many other leaders were effective because of their higher education and the proper use of it to the benefit of the country.

India can accelerate the growth of its economy to the desired 6-7% a year, compared with 3% annual growth up to 1990 and 5% in the 1990’s,if it can increase the percentage of its people with college education.
One great limitation of India’s small success in higher education has been the accesses to college education to women of India, only an eight-tenths of one percent have college education. This is a colossal under utilization of potential human resources and building up an educated society from grade one which is primarily dependent on an educated young mother.
The current goals for universal primary education in India and the world are most commendable but a proper focus on higher education can reduce the waiting period of decades to come in building human resources needed for say a 7% annual growth of the economy.





The Health Minister of India,

Dr. C.P. Thakur

presenting the

Shrimati (Mrs.) Aruna Asaf Ali

Sadbhawana (Goodwill) Award


Dr. Kaushik,

in New Delhi, India

on January 10, 2001


































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