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Aqdas Ali Kazmi

  Ph.D,  Boston University;

Professor of Economics

"Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
Institute of Science & Technology"

Islamabad, Pakistan





Joint Chief Economist Planning Division, Islamabad.


Additional Finance Secretary (Policy)


Chief / Director Impact Analysis of Tax Policies,
Central Board of Revenue, Islamabad.


Consultant   Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad.


Chief, Planning Division, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad


Deputy Chief, Planning Division, Islamabad.


Economic Consultant, Prime Minister  Office (Economic Affairs), Islamabad


Assistant Chief, State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi.


Lecturer, Department of Economics Punjab University, Lahore.


Lecturer, Department of Economics, Government College, Lahore





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 "Coping with WTO Agreement in Textile and Clothing: A Case Study of Pakistan: Textile Sector".
Research Study
"The Implications of Uruguay Round for Pakistan: Government's Perspective",
a paper read at the PIDE/ESCAP/UNDP National Seminar on Networking of Trade-Related Research Institutions in Asia and Pacific, held at Bhurban, Pakistan, October 8-9, 1994.
"WTO and Developing Countries: Implications of First Ministerial Conference"
in the News, June  8, 1998.
"Singapore Ministerial Conference Revisited"
in the Dawn, June 29, 1998.
"The Impact of Uruguay Round on World Economy"
Comments on the paper by Dr. Akhtar Hssan Khan,
Pakistan Development Review, Vol. 33, Winter 1994, p. 1201-03.
"WTO and Pakistan: Opportunities and Policy Challenges"
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"The Impact of Tariff Reforms and Income Distribution in Pakistan"
Comments on the paper by Dr. Zafar Iqbal and Dr. Rehana Siddiqi
Pakistan Development Review, Vol. 39, Winter 2000


































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