About the term FSU

This Lecture notes  will focus on the past and present developments in the two blocks of countries that  used to have communist governments and centrally planned economies before the fall of Communism. These are

1) countries of the Former Soviet Union (FSU), and 
     2) East European countries.


When the Soviet Union fall apart some years ago, fifteen new countries emerged. They are here grouped by geographic and ethnic proximity into four groups:

1) Three countries with Slavic population: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

2) Tree Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

3) Three Caucasian countries: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

4) Five countries in Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

And at the end a single country Moldova , which lays between Ukraine and Romania and has Romanian speaking population. Ethnically it has no relation to any other country of the Former Soviet Union. The size and location of the FSU countries is depicted in the following maps:












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