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Wyman Wong:

Becherovka is one of the famous liqueurs in the world. There is a following story behind Becherovka: In 1807 an English physician, Dr. Frobing arrived in Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad in German) located in Western Bohemia, which was a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time. Dr. Frobing was the one who came up with the recipe for the "elixir of life" and gave it to the local chemist Josef Becher. Dr. Frobing said that he found the recipe during his walks woods near Karlovy Vary, and that it enabled him to regain his health." He also said to Josef Becher, " the more you recommend it to your patients, the better for you financially and for them because their health will improve. "

At first, Becher wanted to name the liqueur "Karlovy Vary's thirteenth spring,", however, it was too long for a name. Therefore, the 'thirteenth spring' was named "Becherovka" and became a "herbal balsam for the stomach." (Balsam had an aroma reminiscent of meadows and an excellent taste.) Later in the 19th century, Becherovka could be bought all over Paris , Vienna and Munich.

SOURCE: (found by NEXIS):

Leszek Mazan in Prague. "The Warsaw Voice." Date:Feb. 9, 1992.




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