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Franz Liszt

By Richard J. Stendardo 



Liszt was born seventy years before Bartok, and died when Bartok was only five. Born in Hungary, Liszt's parents took him to Vienna for training as a musician after his talent was recognized. In 1823 he moved to France to further his training under the tutelage of Anton Reicha. Later Liszt would travel throughout Europe performing the works of many great composers (incuding his future son-in-law Richard Wagner).

Later in his career, Liszt gave up piano performance to concentrate entirely on teaching and composition. In 1875 he accepted a position as the president of the Hungarian Academy of Music, a post he would maintain until his death nine years later.

Liszt's most popular works were Twenty Hungarian Rhapsodies, which greatly reflected hi parents gypsy past. His other works included the one act operetta Don Sanche (which he wrote at age 14), Orpheus, and a Dante Symphony. Most importantly, Liszt's apptitude as a pianist may be said to be the basis for the invention of the recital.







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