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Hungary has contributed a great deal to the flavor of international culture, particularly the flavor of international cuisine. Hungarian cuisine has its own unique style. Traditional Hungarian cuisine is full of robust flavors and aromas. It is often spicy, and usually decorative. The recopies are based on centuries old traditions and customs. The local agricultural products, paprika and onions for example, helped to define the ingredients used in Hungarian cuisine. Garlic and Paprika are major ingredients in most Hungarian dishes. The large amount of paprika used in Hungarian dishes gives them the food its distinctive red color and spicy flavor. One major Hungarian dish that is famous world over is Hungarian Goulash. It is a soup, that is made from onions, beef, peppers and the always famous paprika.


It can serve as an appetizer or as a main course when potatoes and noodles are added to the recipe. Hungarian cuisine is actually quite tasty. I was fortunate enough to have been able to try many Hungarian delicacies this spring when I visited the country. Other taste tempting dishes include paprika chicken, clum dumplings, and tripe. Another feature of Hungarian cuisine that is less familiar to western palettes is that of Hungary's many vineyards. Hungary produces many world class wines of both the red and white varieties. For example Tokai is not only known but very highly appreciated all around the world. Egri Bikaver (the bulls blood of Eger) is pretty well known as well. These wines are mostly produced in the southern and western parts of the country where the climate is more suitable for grape production.


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