In December 1990, almost one year after the violent revolution in Romania ex-King Michael, the former monarch who was forced by the communists to leave the country in 1948, returned to his homeland. His visit was brief. And after only twelve hours the exiled King was again forced to leave the country.(1) The pretender's return was unmomentous and uncelebrated, but the King's popularity and support are growing in his former kingdom. In his book "The Wasted Generation," Silviu Brucan narrates a fascinating event that was probably the apogee of King Michael's reign. This event involved the collaboration of the monarchy with the Communist party. These two arch-enemies worked together to expel the Nazi occupation. The conspiracy against the Germans began early in the spring of 1944. At that time, the Soviet army had broken through the eastern front and was threatening Bucharest. Representatives of the King approached members of the communist movement the following June.The King's plan was rejected, but together the two factions formulated a course of action that proved successful and helped bring about a quick end to the war by crippling the Nazi campaign in the Balkans. King Michael's contribution to Romanian liberation was virtually forgotten by the people, because the communists intentionally left it out of the official history. It was impossible for them to admit that a king, who is the epitome of capitalism, imperialism and oppression could also be a national hero and liberator. Indeed, the very name of the event of August 23, 1944 was renamed by the Ceacescu regime. Formerly the National Antifascist Armed Insurrection, the King's ultimate achievement became the Revolution for Social and National Liberation. Two sworn class enemies, from opposite poles of Romanian society, agreed not only on a joint plan for political and military insurrection but also on the need to work together in secrecy--an extraordinary response that required the highest degree of mutual confidence and the assumption on each side that the other was honest and reliable.The two sides passed over their ideological prejudices and even the resentments of class hatred in order to join forces against what they perceived at the moment to be their common enemy: Hitler's Germany.(2)


King Michael has claimed his throne again. In fact, both his British and Danish passports read "His Majesty King Michael." It is for this reason that the Romanian government has denied him a visa.(3) But the tide may be turning for the former monarch. The leading opposition party in Romania, the National Peasant Party, is headed by Corneliu Coposh, a monarchist. Silviu Brucan, quoted by Reuters World Service, thinks the chances for an opposition coalition government is good.(4) King Michael is 73, but he may live to yet again rule Romania as its sovereign. For this old potentate it may be enough simply to return to the land of his birth and home. Something he may soon be able to do. Today the "Independent" announced that King Michael was slated to attend a seminar next month in Bucharest on the armed insurrection that he led against the Nazi's in 1944.(5)



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