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"during the Hanoi meetings McNamara says, he was astonished to learn that the Vietnamese and Chinese had been fighting each other for hundreds of years and that the notion that Hanoi would allow Vietnam to become a puppet state was absurd on its face."







"I built cars. How was I  supposed to
know that?"

R. McNamara







McNamara on ".... major causes for our disaster in Vietnam "

"We misjudged ...  intentions of our adversaries .... and we exaggerated .... dangers to the US."

"We viewed the people and leaders of South Vietnam in terms of our own experience ..."

"We totally misjudged the political forces within the country."

"We underestimated the power of nationalism.

Our  misjudgments ...reflected our profound  ignorance of the history, culture and politics of the people in the area.

We failed ... to recognize the limitations of modern, high-technology military equipment, .... in confronting unconventional, highly motivated people's movements."

"We failed to retain popular support .. A nation's deepest strength lies not in its military .. but rather in the unity of its people

We did not recognise that neither our people nor our leaders are omniscient...  "

"We do not have the God-given right to shape every nation in our own image..."

"We failed to recognise that in international affairs... there may be problems for which there are no immediate solutions. 
"We may have to live with an imperfect, untidy world."

Robert McNamara


The Rise and Fall of Soviet Bloc: A Chronology


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