Non-Marxian Socialism Utopian Socialism

Claude Henri de Rouvroy, Comte de Saint-Simon:



1. I am no longer young. I have observed and reflected through the course of a good deal of activity all my life, and your happiness has been the aim of my labors. I have conceived a project which, it seems to me, could be of use to you, and I am now going to present it.

2. Hold a subscription before the grave of Newton; enroll everyone without distinction at whatever sum you choose.

3. Have each subscriber nominate three mathematicians, three physicists, three chemists, three physiologists, three men of letters, three painters and three musicians.

4. Renew both the subscription and the nominations every year, but allow every subscriber the unqualified liberty to renominate the same persons.

5. Divide the total amount received from the subscriptions among the three mathematicians, the three physicists, etc., who have received the most votes.

6. Ask the president of the Royal Society of London to receive the subscriptions for this year.

7. Next year and the years thereafter, charge the person who has subscribed the largest amount with this honorable function.

8. Require those who have been nominated to accept no positions, honors or money from any fraction among you, but let them rather continue to be the absolute masters of their own activities, and to employ their powers in whatever way they see fit.

9. Men of genius will thereby enjoy a recompense worthy of them and of you. This recompense will place them in the position which alone can provide them with the means of performing for you all the services of which they are capable. It will become the goal of the ambition of the most energetic spirits, and will turn them from possibly harmful pursuits to the pursuit of your tranquility.

10. By this measure, you will at last provide those who are working for the advancement of your understanding with lenders, you will invest these leaders with immense esteem, and you will place a considerable pecuniary power at their disposal.






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