Empirical Studies


I.  Theoretical Problems of Productivity 
I.1 Economic Systems and the Concept of Efficiency
John M. Montias Peter Sturm: Systems Aspects of Economic Efficiency   
Hans-Werner Gottinger Complexity Measures and Information Technology in Dynamic Systems
I.2 Capital as a Productive Factor
Paul Zarembka “Peal” Capital and the Neoclassical Production Function
Dominico Mario Nuti Price and Composition Effects and the Pseudo-Production Function
I.3 Productivity Measurement and New Types of Production Functions
Antoni Baczykowski Measurement of Intensity of Economic Growth
Ryuzo Sato,  Martin Beckmann Non-homothetic Production Functions and Technical Progress 
Wilhelm Krelle Disaggregated Production Functions 
Karl Christian Kuhl Cobb-Douglas Estimation: Without Series of One lnput with Scale as a Progress Effect 


 II.  Single Country Case Studies
II.1 Western Europe
Gerhard  Tintner  / Edwin Deutsch /Robert Rieder A Production Function for Austria, Emphasozing  Energy
Joachim Frohn Production Models for Western Germany 
Simon K. Kuipers On the Estimation of Short Run and Long Run Production Equations
II.2 Eastern Europe
Alan Brown/Joseph Licari / Egon Neuberger Alternate Measures of the Productivity Growth Hierarchy in Hungarian Industry
Rumen Yanakiev Some Basic Problems for the Increase of Labour Productivity in Bulgaria
 II.3   Soviet Union   
Donald W. Green Capital Formation and Employment in the Nonagricultural Sectors of the USSR: The Implications for Production Function Estimates
Jörg Hocke / Oldrich Kyn / Hans-Jurgen Wagener Production Functions Estimates for Soviet Industry and Some Implications
Padma Desai Technical Change, Factor Elasticity of Substitutionand Returns to Scale in Branches of Soviet Industry in the Postwar Period
Yasushi Toda Capital-Labour Substitution in Production Function: The Case of Soviet Manufacturing for 1950—•7
II.4   Developing Countries
Robert Evenson Productivity Measurement in the Developing Economies: The Indian Case


 III.      International Productivity Comparisons
III.1 General Aspects of International Comparisons
Eva Ehrlich The Impact of the Manpower Structure and Labour Quality on the Productivity Development: A Comparative Study in the UK, US and Japan
Gottfried Frenzel International Comparisons of Sectoral Productivities

III.2 Problems of Labour Productivity Comparisons

Jaroslav Kux A Survey of International Studies of Levels of Labour Productivity in Industry: Theoretical Aspects and Practical Results 
Vera Nyitrai  Some Methodological and Practical Problems of Bilateral and Multilateral International Comparisons of Labour Productivity 
   III.3 Bilateral Case Studies
Jacques Mairesse Comparison of Production Functions Estimates on the French and Norwegian Census of Manufacturing Industries 
Mica Panic Growth of Output, Factor Inputs and Productivity in British and West German Manufacturing Industry, 1954
Udo Hammer  Capital and Labour: The Pattern of Factor Productivities in Western Germany and Japan  
III.4 Multilateral Case Studies
Oldrich Kyn / Ludmila Kyn Macroeconomic Production Functions for Eastern Europe  
Stanislaw Gomulka / Jerzy Sylwestrowicz Import-Led Growth. Theory and Estimation 


 IV. On the Measurement of Factor Productivities:
Final Discussion





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