1) More ample discussion of growth in socialist economies can be found in Laski (72).    

2) For the detailed description of data see Wagener (73)

3)    The methods of reconstructing the time series by weighting the gross output indices by some hypo­thetical value added weights as used for example by Weitzmann (70, 690) does not help very much because it does not really eliminate the impact of changes in the share of intermediate product in total output.      

4)    The data on intermediate output are known only for the aggregate series (not for individual branches) and they are not very reliable, because it was impossible to fully eliminate the impact of turnover tax. Nevertheless, it may be interesting to mention that the share of intermediate product in the total output - both measured in current prices - had been increasing in the years 1953 -1955 but it has: remained constant after 1966. Earlier data are not available. Cf. Narkhoz 62, p.64, Narkhoz 70, pp.60, 534, Vainshtein(69), p.111.    

5)          For the critique of this practice, see Vainshtein (69) pp.l00, 132, 133.       

 6)          The correlation matrix of   Weitzman’s data is:

                            Y              K                L*              t 
         Y             1.000           .999          .977            .984 
         K                               1.000          .976            .978 
         L*                                                1.000           .964







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