Empirical Studies up


"On the Stability of Contemporary Economic Systems,"
(co-editor with Wolfram Schrettl ),

Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht, Goettingen, 1979 .

"On the Measurement of Factor Productivities: Theoretical Problems and Empirical Results"

(co-editor with Franz-Lothar Altmann and Hans-Juergen Wagener),

Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht, Goettingen, 1977 .

"Zdroje nebo podnety rustu?"
Planovane hospodarstvi, Vol. XX, No 4. 1967, pp. 70 - 80
English translation:
"Resources or Incentives for Economic Growth"
"Growth Cycles in Centrally Planned Economies: An Empirical Test"
(co-author with Wolfram Schrettl and Jiri Slama)
in On the Stability of Contemporary Economic System (above).
"Macroeconomic Consumption Function for Czechoslovakia:
A Planners Permanent Income Hypothesis'"
(co-author with Jiri Slama)
in: Ulrich Gaertner , Jiri Kosta eds. Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin, 1979
"Diffusion of Oxygen Steel: East - West"
(co-author with Jiri Slama)
in: Forschungsbericht No.35  OSTEUROPA INSTITUT, Munich, 1976
"Trends in East European Factor Productivity."
(co-author with Ludmila Kyn)
in "On the Measurement of Factor Productivities" .
"Simulation des Einflusses der Planung auf die sowjetische Wirtschaft"
(co-author with Wolfram Schrettl, Volkhart Vincentz)
in Ernst Helmstadter (Hrsg.) "Neue Entwicklungen in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften" Duncker & Humblot, Berlin, 1978
"Production Function Estimates for Soviet Industry and Some Implications"
(co-author with Jörg Hocke and  Hans-Jurgen Wagener )
in "On the Measurement of Factor Productivities" (above).


"Macroeconomic Production Functions for Eastern Europe."
(co-author with Ludmila Kyn)
in "On the Measurement of Factor Productivities" (above).












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