Publications   On the Stability
Table of Contents:
I.    Aspects of Short-Run Stability
A.  Inflation
Robert W. Clower

The Genesis and Control of Inflation 

Michael Manove

On Decentralized Pricing, Monopoly Power
and Inflation in Socialist Economic Systems                

  Aleksander Bajt
Spill-Over Mechanism in a Liberal Labor-Managed Economy 
B.  Labor Market
Costas Azariadis
Asymmetric Wage Behavior    
Herschel I. Grossman

The Nature of Optimal Labor Contracts                      

C.  Empirical Tests of Theories of the Cycle
Claude Hillinger
An Empirical Test of Metzler’s Hypothesis
Regarding the Nature of Short-Run Cyclical Fluctuations   
  Gerhard Tintner and Bernhard Bohm
A New Concept of Economic Equilibrium, Deterministic and Stochastic. Illustrated by a Short-Term Model of the Austrian Economy   

Oldrich Kyn, Wolfram Schrettl, and Jiri Slama
Growth Cycles in Centrally Planned Economies. An Empirical test .

Ernst Helmstädter
The Textile Cycle. An International Comparison            

D. Individual Market.s.
Distortion and
Product Differentiation

 Yair Mundlak and Zvi Tropp
Distortion in the Factor Markets and the Short-Run Equilibrium
  Victor Cholewicki
On the Stability of Cournot Oligopoly with Advertising    

E. General Disequilibrium

 Tetsunori Koizumi

On the Stability of a Competitive Economy without Recontracting

  Discussion on Inflation 
II.        Aspects of Long-Run Stability
A. Beharioral Change
Thomas Marschak
On the Productivity of Leisure and the Performance
of Economic Systems.
B. Technical Change, Resources, and Environment
 Kazuo Sato
Technical Change and the Growth Equilibrium
  Joanna Rudniañska

Stability of Equilibria of an Expanding Economy         

  Alfred Ocker
Steady State Growth Subject to the Constraints of the Natural Environment: The Impact of Technological Change and Substitution             
Franz Gehrels
Optimal Growth with Uncertainty Over Resource Limits
Joanna Gomulka and Stanislaw Gomulka
A Simple Mathematical Model of the World Oil Cartel
Peter A. Petri and Anne P. Carter
Resources, Environment and the Balance of Payments
Klaus Conrad
Equilibrium in a Dynamic Input-Output Model .
  Kevin C. Sontheimer
Technical Change and the Choice Between Standards and Charges for Environmental Control      
C.      Institutional framework
Paul Zaremhka

Investment and saving in Capitalist Society:

An Interpretation of the Cambridge Position

  Winfried Vogt
Structural Causes of Economic Disequilibrium in Capitalist Countries
  Gerhard Huber
Cross-Distribution of Incomes in the Federal Republic of Germany
D.  System Dynamics and Catastrophe
Hans Werner Gottinger
Complexity and Catastrophe: Applications of Dynamic System Theory
III. Final Discussion 
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