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The present volume represents the product of the third in a series of symposia on problems of economic development held at Reisensburg Castle, West Germany1. The symposium was organized under the auspices of the Commission for Research on Development of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and supported by a grant from the Volkswagen Foundation.

The concern of the symposium was to investigate theoretical and empirical problems of economic stability, mainly of market but also of planned economies. The selection of topics was made with the aim to stimulate a broader discussion. As a result, we have in this book a diversity of approaches which do not only mirror the many-faceted aspects of the topic, but are also indicative for the sometimes quite fundamental differences in the authors’ evaluations of what is crucial to a given problem and what not. The very lively discussions gave ample evidence of this. To capture as much as possible of the atmosphere at the symposium, the discussion on inflation and the final round-table discussion, which had been taped, are now reproduced almost fully, with the exception of only a few passages which were impossible to decipher from the tape or which were too frank. As to the direct responses to individual papers, we have included in the volume what had been turned in by the individual discussants in written form, mostly overnight at the symposium. To our regret, this does not include some of the comments of a particularly candid nature. However, the reader may find parts of that material in the final round-table discussion because the contributors repeatedly returned to, or at least alluded to, topics already raised in the individual panels.

In addition to the authors of the papers and of the comments published herewith, a number of scholars participated in the conference less formally.  However, all contributed not only to the symposium itself but to the present volume, for in revising their papers for publication, the authors have taken into account comments that were made on them during the common sejour at Reisenshurg. It is therefore a pleasure to acknowledge the debt thus incurred to Martin Beckmann. Günter Hedtkamp. Ernst Hollander and Hans Möller. For their help during the preparatory phase of the symposium, in particular in establishing contacts to prospective participants, we wish to express our gratitude to Martin Beckmann, Hans Moller and Paul Zarembka. We are especially indebted to Hans Raupach, then President of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, for his general advice and helpat all stages of the symposium. Thanks are also due to Mrs. Monika Stormer; her experience greatly facilitated the organizational work. Last but no means least, this volume has benefited from the editorial assistance provided by Mrs. Ruth Pollak.

Oldrich Kyn/Wolfram Schrettl


1 The proceedings of the previous two symposia appeared as System Approaches and Environmental Problems ed. by II. W. Gottinger. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Gottingen 1974, and On the Measurement of Factor Productivities: Theoretical Problems and Empirical Results. ed. by F. L. Altmann at al,. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen. 1976,




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