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Oldrich Kyn*

Education, Sex and Income Inequality

in Soviet-type Socialism

in:   Income Distribution and Economic Inequality 

Edited by Zvi Griliches, Wilhelm Krelle,

Hans-Juergen Krupp, and Oldrich Kyn

CampusVerlag, Frankfurt/Main

Halsted Press, John Wiley & Sons, New York - Toronto - Chichester




There is no doubt that the social, political and economic transformation of East European countries after the Communist takeover has led to considerable changes in their income distributions. It is also quite apparent that these changes significantly diminished1, but did not fully eliminate, the economic inequality among various population groups.

The purpose of this paper is to study empirically two aspects of income distribution in Poland and Czechoslovakia, namely the inequality resulting from different levels of education and from differentials in incomes of men and women. Other aspects of income distribution will be mentioned briefly to allow for an overall comparison of the reality of income distribution with the normative statements of Marxian economic theory.





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