Publications  Income Distribution


A. The Distributional Impact of Macroeconomic Policy

1. Edward C. Budd and T.C. Whiteman
Macroeconomic Fluctuations and the Size Distribution
of Income and Earnings in the United States

2. Wilhelm Krelle and Ralf Pauly
Distributional Impacts of Public Expenditure Programs and Tax Changes

3. Martin Pfaff and Wolfgang Asam
Distributive Effects of Real Transfers via Public Infra structure:
Conceptual Problems and some Empirical Results

4. Jan Pen
Tax Policies and Transitory Income: Some Comments


B. Paradigms in the Theory of Income Distribution

1. Dennis W Car1ton and Robert E. HaIl
 The Distribution of Permanent Income

2. D. G. Champernowne
The Place of Stochastic Models of Income Distribution amongst other Models of it

3. Horst Albach, Thomas Fues and Bernd Geisen
Approaches to a Theory of Income Distribution in the Firm

4. Carl Christian von Weizssaecker
A small contribution to the theory of wage structure in collective bargaining

5. Hans-Juergen Krupp
The Contribution of Microanalytic Simulation Models to the Theory of Income Distribution


C. Accounting for Inequality of Earnings:
The Human Capital Approach

1. George J. Borjas and Jacob Mincer
The Distribution of Earnings Profiles in Longitudinal Data

2. Robert E. B. Lucas
Variances in Return to Human Capital

3. Zvi Griliches
Earnings of Very Young Men

4. P. Taubman, J. Behrman and T. Wales
The Roles of Genetics and Environment in the Distribution of  Earnings

5. Richard B. Freeman
The Effect of the Increased Relative Supply of College Graduates   on Skill Differences and Employment Opportunities


D. Income Inequality in its Political Environment

1. Gustav F. Papanek
Economic Growth, Income Distribution and the Political Process in Less Developed Countries

2. Oldrich Kyn
Education, Sex, and Income Inequality in Soviet-type Socialism

3. Michael Wagner
Income Distribution in Small Countries: Some Evidence from Austria

4.Jiri Slama
A Cross-Country Regression Model of Social Inequality

5. Frank Klanberg
Facts, Figures, and Syndromes of Income Distribution:
Some Notes in Retrospect


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