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"Marx and the Mechanism of Functioning of a Socialist Economy,"
Paper presented at the Belgrade conference on one hundreds nniversary of the first volume of 'Das Kapital'.
OECONOMICA, VOL. III No. 1, Prague1968, page 39
"The Market Mechanism in a Socialist Economy,"
in St. Antony's Papers, No. 19, Oxford 1965,
"The Role of the Plan,"
in Planovane hospodarstvi, 12 1964, pp. 23 - 31

"Výzva Marxistické ekonomické teorii"

Ekonomicka revue, 1968, No. 3, pp. 289 - 292

English translation: "Challenge to Marxian economics"

"Optimal Central Planning in 'Competitive Solution,"  (co-author with L. Rychetnik,)
in Czechoslovak Economic Papers, No. 10,Prague 1968.
"Dlouholeta mezinarodni diskuse o socialismu a trhu," (co-author with Drago Fiser,)
in Politicka ekonomie, No. 10,Prague 1967.
 "Economic Systems & Computation of Prices"
Discussion at the CESES conference in Florence 1966
in Il sistema dei prezzi nell'est Europeo, Franco Angeli Editore, 1967, pp.  414-419, 435-436.
"Socialism and Democracy in Czechoslovakia"  (co-author with H. Sherman,)
in Monthly Review, Vol. 22, No 11, April 1971.
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