Sekerka - Kyn - Hejl:  Price Systems Computable from Input-Output Coefficients


2. Some macroeconomic indicators


Let P denote a price vector (price system) and let us write

P(P, X) = P'X .... gross social product; (4)
N(P, X) = P'A X material costs; (5)
Y(P, X) = P'Y .....national income (6)
W(P, X) = P'CX wage fund; (7)
F(P, X) = P'BX stock of capital; (8)
M(P,X) = P'(I-A-C)X profits or surplus value (9)


We shall examine the following aggregate relationships:


a(P,X) = N(P,X)/Y(P,X) ..... material costs-income ratio; (10)
b(P,X) = F(P,X)/Y(P,X) ...... capital-income ratio;   (11)
g(P, X) = W(P,X)/Y(P,X) ....  wages-income ratio; (12)
y(P, X) = M(P,X)/W(P,X) ......the rate of surplus value (13)
f(P, X) = M(P,X)/[N(P,X)+W(P,X)] ......the profits-cost ratio (14)
d(P, X) = M(P,X)/F(P,X) ......the average rate of profit  (15)















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