We should like to thank Martin Cerny for valuable criticism of the mathematical  apparatus and F. Nevaril, St. Kysilka and J. Mrenica who cooperated with us in the practical calculations.

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3  Such a division is only roughly in accord with what is actually used: some elements of the first quadrant, or of the vector of social consumption and investment, are also priced in retail prices. The vector of personal consumption includes also consumption in kind. But these deviations are, from a practical point of view, unimportant and to keep our model as simple as possible we shall leave them out.
4 Column vectors will be represented by the symbol ’.
5   In this paper we shall always use the subscript 'diag' to designate a diagonal matrix.  

    This is in essence the so-called ‘inverse transformation problem’ of Morishima and Seton. (See M. Morishima, F. Seton, ‘Aggregation in Leontief Matrices and the Labour Theory of Value’, Econometrica, 1961.)

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8  In case of subsidies some elements of the vector will be negative.
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10 Costs in Czech: ‘náklady’ (N); Capital in Czech: 'fondy’ (F).

See G. Debreu and I. N. Herstein ‘Non-negative Square Matrices’, Etonometrica, vol. 21, 1953.


We want the new system to be of the single-level type, whereas the old system may be a double-level one, with a differentiated turnover tax rate.

13 Hejl, Kyn, Sekerka, ‘Experimentálni propocty typu ceny’, and ‘Vlastnosti dvoukanálove ceny’, Ekonomicky Casopis SAV, 6/1966.


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