This fact was referred to in Problemy teorie hodnoty a ceny za socialsmu (Problems of the Value and Price Theory under Socialism) by C. Kozusnik.



Not to be confused with the term "cost price" used in the third Volume of Marx's Capital.



Variable capital not included in "production funds".



V. V. Novozhilov, Problems of Development o f Democratic Centralism in the Socialist Economic Management, Trudy Leningradskogo inzhenierno-ekonomicheskogo Instituta, vyd. 24, 1958, p. 150—156



Relative cost prices and the current relative prices widely differ,  as will be shown bellow. 



In price calculations only a new price valuation of a given technological structure is aimed at; the invariability of technical coefficients, therefore, is here not a simplifying assumption but a logical consequence of a postulated aim.



The reason of this procedure is that only under this condition the real contents of nominal wages do not change, which has been postulated when constructing the price formulae.



The graphical distinction of the lines in the graph corresponds to these four cate­gories.



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