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Industry Branches Scheme

Used for the Verification of Rational Price Types


01 Electric-power and heat production

02 Coal mining and processing

03 Oil and natural gas drilling

04 Coke production

05 Gas production

06 Iron and manganese ore production

07 Non-iron metals, garnets, graphite and chemical raw-materials production

08 Ferrous metallurgy

09 Non-ferrous metallurgy

10 Chemicals (incl. plastics)

11 Oil and tar products

12 Rubber and asbestos products

13 Pharmaceutics

14 Engineering

15 Electrotechnical industry

16 Means of transportation

17 Metal consumer goods

18 Precision mechanics

19 Textiles

20 Clothing

21 Leather, footwear and fur industry

22 Glass industry

23 Porcelain and ceramics

24 Wood processing, carpentry and joinery

25 Furniture production

26 Wood consumer goods and matches

27 Printing industry

28 Paper and cellulose

29 Building materials

30 Dairy industry

31 Meat, poultry and fish

32 Fats, edible oils, soap, cosmetics and "other food processing"

33 Sugar production

34 Spirit, liquors, wine, yeast, vinegar and starch

35 Fruit and vegetable processing

36 Flour, paste products, bakery and fodder industry

37 Confectionery and durable pastry

38 Brewery and malt production

39 Tobacco

40 Other industrial production, mineral spring and salt production

41 Construction

42 Agriculture

43 Forestry

44 Transport

45 Communications

46 Materials distribution services

47 Internal trade

48 Agricultural products procurement






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