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"Czechoslovakia", (Economic Reforms of 1960s)

in H.H. Hoehmann et al.(eds.): The New Economic Systems of Eastern Europe, C. Hurst & Company, London 1975.

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American Economic Review , 1970 .
"Problemi attuali dell'economia della Cecoslovacchia,"

in Problemi attuali dell'economia dei paesi dell'Est, A. Giuffre, Milano 1969.

"Ota Sik - Der lange Weg zur Einsicht"  (co-author with Jiri Slama)
in KURS WECHSEL, Heft 1/1992, Wien
"The Role of Prices in a Socialist Economy,"

in M. Kaser (ed.): Economic Development for East Europe,Macmillan, London 1968

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